Fredrica Bryant


I am a Gospel artist. My stage name is Gospel Gangsta Rhinestone Ricky!!! I am a rebel for Gods Kingdom with a cause to stir up the Good News with whatever means necessary. Everyday is a constant battle with the spiritual and supernatural forces that rise up against us. Good vs evil takes play daily and our journey includes our relationship with our Father of who,what, where, when, why, and how He uses it all for our purpose in His assignments towards furthering His Kingdom. I’m a walking testimony that when you follow His instructions and are obedient to His word and will the end results will be our heavenly reward of living with Him forever. Spreading the Good News through my music that appeals to many generations and masses is evident or demonstrated through my spiritual message of being free to receive the gospel and live it out through the lens of Jesus Christ!

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Facebook-Fredrica Bryant
phone: 914-258-3398

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