Geiler Corona


Geiler Corona


How does one show the light in the midst of the darkness? How to bring hope in the chaos? How to express that there is more than gray areas and dark shadows? These are some of the questions answered by Geiler Corona’s unique contemporary painting style.
Geiler Corona was born in Cuba in 1987. He started to mix colors with crayons at the age of five. When he was ten, he drew the first drawing that caught everyone’s attention at home. His mother realized his passion for applying color and for representing the world around him in a two-dimensional form of artistic expression. She began to encourage him to continue to do so.
In 2002, he was accepted to attend to one of the best art academies in the Island, Academia Provincial de Artes Plasticas “Eduardo Abela” where he graduated in 2006 as a professional artist specialized in painting.
In 2010 he continued to expand his knowledge of arts in the Universidad de Ciencias Pedagogicas “Ruben Martinez Villena,” where he attained his Bachelor of Art Instruction in 2010.
Since 1999 Geiler’s artwork was part of multiple collective exhibitions as well as personal shows starting on 2005.
In the beginning of his career as an artist, Geiler dabbled all painting styles to realize he wanted to be unique. While he was searching for the best way to express himself, he started using bright colors to express emotions and convey a synthesized, powerful message.
In 2015 his life and professional career had a huge turnaround, and his message was then inspired to convey today’s reality with the light that is often missed in the midst of trouble. His paintings bring light, hope, peace, and endless hours visual enjoyment to the viewer.
Geiler Corona lives with his wife, his daughter and dog in the Chicago area and paints from home in the quietness of his studio.

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