Genevieve Berold


GENÈVE is the artistic name Genevieve Jewell Berold creates under. Currently I am working as an artist in my free time and I seek to make the shift to having art take up my primary time. I had formal training at Michaelis University of Cape Town for a year and worked in New York briefly at the Art Hamptons in representing a gallery. I was fortunate enough to attend Raphael Mazzucco's studio in Montauk that had a profound impact on me; I was moved by the stillness and the life resin brought to his pieces. RAW: REGENERATIVE ALTRUISTIC WHOLES This collection speaks to the wounds that bind us and similarly hold the healing we require for salvation and symbiosis; the Sacred we share in birth but in contrast NOT so evidently in present polarizing constructs. I have always found solace, awe and a sense of incredible fortune in Nature's refreshingly unprejudiced invitation to enjoy the gift of LIFE: air, ecosystems, sunrises and sunsets, fruit, flowers, smells and sounds. The loss of mutual and instinctual respect for Life emits an ostracized sense of self and a suffering not only unto our own. We see this epitomized in the crises of our current age; the isolation of the pandemic has crystalized this. Speaking to process: The animals that emerge from our (nature and my own) co-creation serve as ushers to a re-membering. Within the collection is a performance of body, water and paint in collaboration with nature: the elements of the outdoors and my own nature in the form of my nude body, vulnerability and intuitive prints. The animals in the collection emerge from this co-creating expression; there is a interactive merge and emergence at play throughout the entire process; one could see it as never ending or ReGernerative. It is somewhat counter-intuitive to call this collection anything but sculpture, yet conventionally it would be assigned to the likes of Mixed Media. Working, albeit briefly, alongside Raphael Mazzucco, I was drawn to the quality that resin unlocked; that a creation could be so alive and yet so still at the same time excites me! That the resin allows for the ecosystem that the work is in, to be part of it and visa versa. This can be seen in real time, present with the work or in a video. I invite the viewer to allow the pieces to offer their own presence, to experience the awe of, what is within, is without; the interplay of macro and micro reflections and ultimately to explore our inherent compulsion for co-habitancy, community and co-creation. You may see yourself next to/in the piece itself... in all ways implied. My goals are to be subtle enough to speak m(any) languages in the humility of the very amateur and tactile drawing, the enchantment of the glossy, fluid resin and the authenticity of the nature where this all draws from and speaks to. To remind us that we are ONE.

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