Geoffrey Bowton


Augmenting his previous career methods of metal working and military service, Geoffrey R. Bowton informs his current studio practice by applying the investigation and illustration of his ideas. Combined with the fragility of glass, he creates work that embraces tension between these seemingly contradictory materials and experiences to promote conversation about identity, trauma, damage, repair, and healing. Geoffrey utilizes the power of craft to provide insight, support, and representation of the military-veteran community.

In 2019 Geoffrey was awarded the Windgate Fellowship and the Warm Glass UK Glass Prize. Previously, he received the May Georges Metals Scholarship and a Windgate Student Scholarship Award to attend Penland School of Craft. His work has been exhibited internationally and included in recent publications by Warm Glass UK, Glashaus Magazine, Military Officers Magazine, and the Center for Craft.

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Military & Veteran Artist: Geoffrey Bowton

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