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I'm 32 years old live with my son and soon to be husband in santa barbara county. I have such a interest in God, my faith as well as Art. I never thought art was a way to express yourself, that said I have had my trials and tribulations and still going thur some. I started to collect vintage jewelry, the rush u get buying lbs at a time excitement from the unknown. Fast forward I ended up with alot of vintage jewelry and I didn't just want to hide it and keep in a draw so I thought what way could I use in my art. I started to look up ideas and I saw people making beautiful vintage jewelry art! I feel in love so my first project was making a recreation of my grandma horse who pass away lexi. My gma is my rock she was literally the only women thur out my life that was so just everything to me. The one thing that was most important she taught me about God and the Bible and how Jesus died for our sins. My favorite Bible scripture was philippians 4:13 " I can Do all Thing Thourgh Christ Which Strengthens Me" . One Bible scripture I would constantly say in my mind and spirit. GOD IS REAL cause at my lowest times I would pray and say that scripture and the holy spirit guided me thourgj the mountain. So that is why I wanted to start my art because of my grandma and the lord. U can express ur feelings thur art and Vintage jewelry art is so just beautiful. I would see people charge an Arm and a leg for their creation, but I could never charge high prices for art art should be free in my eye. So I came up with the best way is to let my customers or friends make the price of the art I create for them. Works out great, now I'm not this huge company, I'm a mother of a 3 year old boy so the time to create and produce alot is nearly impossible. So I create art for people who ask me thur my page on facebook. I'm not a tech savvy person. But I also share my art thur tiktok as well as Instagram. I name my art page after my uncle art saying "For The Art Of It. " I never have try to put my art out there but there is the 1st time for everything, and this is my first time so please don't hesitate on letting me know how feel and what u think about my artwork I'm a very open loving person and don't judge others. Thank u for reading my little bio đź’“

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Patricia fleckser

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