Gina White


I have always loved to create. Growing up, I loved experimenting and immersing myself in artistic endeavors, but after school, my life pulled me away from art. Then in 2005, I became critically and chronically ill and was subsequently homebound and often bedridden for the greater part of seven years. This time of pain and frustration also became a time for introspection and spiritual awakening. And as part of my journey, I returned to art and discovered its power to help me better understand myself and my relationship with others. My work includes encaustic (wax painting), welding, metal patination, mixed media and oil painting. I use art to visually interpret philosophical writings and poetry, particularly Christian mystics such as Thomas Merton, St. Teresa of Avila, and C.S. Lewis…but I have also done studies of popular music including U2, Arcade Fire and Mumford and Sons. Since poetry is as subjective as fine art, I like to express my “visual reading” in an abstract style, leaving others to find their own meaning in the work. I am currently producing mid-size works, utilizing wax, oil paint, found objects and metals. As my health has improved, I have continued to embrace art as an important part of my existential exploration and with this re-found gift will continue to learn, grow, create and share. I currently live in Florida with my husband, two children, and dog, Dickens.

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