Giusseppe Abimael Machado Gómez


Giusseppe Abimael Machado Gómez


I was born in the city of Colón, in Panama, on November 18, 1998.
Since childhood I have belonged to the church, and it was there that my love for art began. My dad used to draw me so I wouldn't be restless during worship services.
In my adolescence I entered the National Institute of Culture to continue learning. It was there that art became something more important than a hobby, and I decided to study a degree in Visual Arts, studies that I am finishing this year. It was in college that I learned many other techniques and ways of making art.
I have worked making statuettes for a TV program, I have painted murals with both the church and the government, and I have participated in various exhibitions. Actually I am in search of my own style and in the way of honoring God and benefiting society with my art.

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instagram: @abimael_art

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