Farhad Cassim


I grew up in a place that was surrounded by missionaries. They were the kind of people who were very generous and kind and who drew all sorts of people to them. Gentle and soft spoken, they invited everyone to do good. They were incredibly humble, simple, and stoical as they worked on the human soul. Their work was especially important to our community because of their extraordinary capability in smoothly and harmoniously integrating the spiritual with the secular. They encouraged young men and women to pursue knowledge in order to enact God's work and readily invited teachers and professionals into their circles to share developments from their field. They embraced the secular not in spite but because of their devout beliefs. If there was anything they were against it was the tyrannizing of the human soul and its corruption either by oneself or others. As an artist, I like to use my art to pay tribute to the great efforts of these missionaries. Like them, I also want to work on the human soul, albeit in the capacity of an artist. In technique, my artworks are essentially a creative fusion of photography and a variety of digital techniques. I also like creating illustrations. Regardless of the mode of expression I choose, the result of my effort is something totally new that resonates with both aesthetic appeal and spiritual themes.

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Instagram: josephnyust

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