Ryan Gondarowski


Born in Connecticut in 1997, I was introduced to painting by my grandmother at the age of 12. In the Fall of 2016, I found my way to the Academy of Realist Art in Boston with a one year scholarship. While there, I was able to study at the highest levels of drawing and painting under the tutelage of Cindy MacMillan, Julie Beck, Garrett Vitanza, Emanuela De Musis, and Eric Johnson. As a student I won numerous prizes, including the ARC Scholarship Competition, the Anna Lee Stacey Scholarship, 2020 Portrait Society’s Certificate of Excellence, 2021 AAPL Scholarship Award, Head start Competition Scholarship 2022 and was a Future Generation Competition finalist 2022. Recently, after graduating, I have begun to work towards my dream of becoming a full time artist. I’ve always had the opportunity for commissions, and I have initiated freelancing into my repertoire. This has allowed me to also hone my craft and create personal work on the side. With my strong academic background; what drives my work now is being open to new possibility’s and engaging in creative risks in as many ways as I can. With subject matter ranging from portraits, landscapes, figures and still lifes, my Christian faith is the driving force of my work. In pursuit of excellence, I continue the study of academic art to this day.  I enjoyed my time at ARA so much more than I could have imagined loving any kind of education. In developing my goals, I have had many artists support me in my training. I hope to one day be able to help others along their journey as I have been helped. My long-term career goals are to gain gallery representation, make a sustainable career as an artist and, finally, pass on my knowledge of art by working and teaching other upcoming artists.

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