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Hal Moran


My Work
With the dawn of every new sunrise I’m captivated by the wonders of creation. All around us, every day, creation proclaims the majesty of its Creator. From the intimate landscapes in our own backyards to the grand vistas that stretch across the land, visual imagery tells the story of the One who created it all. It’s a story so grand that words just can’t fully explain! It is my aim, with photography as my medium, to keep writing new chapters in this never-ending story. Or, as I like to say – I try to find the extra in the ordinary. (click here to read more Finding The Extra In The Ordinary)

My life
If anything can hold my rapt attention longer than 8 seconds – it’s visual imagery. Probably due to the challenges of growing up with Tourette syndrome and other co-occurring disorders, imagery plays a huge part of my life. Those challenges shape how I learn, view the world around me, and communicate through photography.

I’ve exhibited nationally and internationally while receiving various awards.
Most of my images are captured in or around my home area in St. Charles, MO.

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Website is www.halmoran.com
Facebook halmorandesign
Instagram halmoran
Email hmoran4130@gmail.com

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Hal Moran Design

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