Iryna Bohdanova


Born in the city of Poltava, Ukraine. From early childhood she showed interest and talent for drawing. In 2003 she moved to live in Kiev. 2002-2021 - worked in the field of advertising. In recent years, she worked as an art director at the advertising agency "MEX a member of Havas". In 2020, at the end of November, she painted her first oil painting. At the beginning of 2021, she took part in the Golden Time Talent competition - two works submitted for the competition: "The Keeper of Dreams" and "Murchik" took second place. In June 2021, she went freelance to devote more time to paintings. Irina chose the direction of fairy tales, fantasy and symbolism as the main direction of her work. At the moment, Irina is waving two lines: one is the story of a little girl in her fabulous kind world, the second is the inner world of an adult woman dressed in fantasy and symbolism.

Best Contact Method

It is best to contact me by mail (, by phone (+380997304947) via telegram or via facebook, instagram.

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