Jim Baker


Jim Baker is a New Mexican multi-media artist working in the creation of three dimensional altered Bibles and Christian devotional art. His “Sacred Structures” are influenced by spiritual and religious symbols, metaphors, and artifacts. It's not surprising that Jim's 40 years of experience as a Southern Baptist minister in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee informs his sacred art work. "My art conveys the belief that Holy Scripture cannot be fully interpreted and applied without metaphor, symbol, and story. Jesus modeled this when he took what he saw around him.......animals, flowers, trees, vines, bread, wine, yokes and used them as metaphors and parables to communicate truth. My art reflects the deep connection between the Holy Scriptures of my Judeo-Christian faith tradition and the metaphors, stories, and symbols requisite to their understanding." Jim says, "The inspiration to reclaim and re-stich old Bibles (1700’s – 1800’s) of different languages that are no longer in use comes from the word religion, derived from the Latin word Re-ligio, meaning to re-bind, a word used in scripture to reflect God's desire to re-connect us to Him, to our true selves, and to others. Jim’s prayer is that his art will inspire worship of God, provoke spiritual conversations, and help to uncover the often hidden meaning in Scripture. Jim’s sacred art can be found in churches, schools, religious institutions, homes, and businesses….wherever people want inspirational art to express and experience their faith. Jim’s art is available through his online gallery,

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