Jonathan Millet


Jonathan Millet


Jonathan Millet invites the viewer to interpret their own human experience of family through his mixed media works that utilize painting, drawing and printmaking. Millet has always been intrigued with how objects or images create a narrative and in visual terms finds the random relationships and juxtapositions most interesting. “I seek to find new stories in the exploration of FAMILY STORIES and the natural ambiguity of memories in relation to tales passed down from generations. The intent of this work is to have a universal appeal, to discard personal history that allow me to contextualize the narrative for a broader inspection of the human experience of family,” explains Jonathan. Millet lives with his family in Rowlett, Texas. He received his BA in studio arts from Biola University in Los Angeles, CA and his MFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. NY. He currently serves as the Visual Arts Department Head and art teacher for Trinity Christian Academy.

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