Joy Reyes


Native of Dallas, Texas, Joy Reyes is a multimedia visual artist who specializes in large scale paintings, murals and sometimes glass/ recycled sculpting. She focuses on creating visually expressive pieces that jump across their canvas through her use of dynamic colors, textures, and composition that tie her subjects together. Her artwork is inspired by the way the brain digests ideas sporadically, expressing visually the thought process through images that are influenced by one another. Inspired by her culture and life experiences, Reyes creates in hope of invoking others to look beneath the surface to find a connection to their own life through her art. “My vision is to create vibrant pieces that vary in subject, all while connecting underlying themes. Producing paintings with the intention that the viewer might be able to examine each of them at a deeper level, and make real life connections to their own personal lives and experiences.

Best Contact Method

Instagram is an excellent way to view updated content, or to contact me with questions faster than emails. However, my online portfolio is a preferred way to view the art itself. Emailing my personal email with questions for prices of pieces, collaboration or commissions is always welcome as well.

Artwork Entries

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