Julia O'donnell


Julia O'donnell


Julia O’Donnell is a mother of two sweet toddlers. All her life she dreamt of filmmaking and living out her artistic inspirations, and God had worked in her life the last few years to make that happen. She aspires to be, God-willing, a mainstream screenwriter and film director, who paints and designs on the side. Her toddlers, Willow and Sage love to create with her and watch her create, so she was excited to include them on this project!

Willow is three years old, but is fierce and full of spunk. She was born ten weeks early and shocked the doctors with her determination to be just fine. She is passionate about art and her friends.

Sage is two and the most hilarious little sweetie. Her laugh is infectious and enchanting. She has just begun to love coloring and her favorite coloring spots are currently the walls and the chairs....much to Mama’s chagrin.

Best Contact Method

My email is juliaodonnell41@gmail.com and my website is etherealaspirationsbyjulia.wordpress.com

Insta: @theodonnellshousefilms and @ethereal_aspirations

YouTube And Vimeo:The O’Donnell’s House Films

Business Name/Organization

The O'Donnell's House Films

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