Kaila Anderson


Kaila Anderson


Kaila Anderson is a Denver based abstract fine artist. She studied psychology and fine art at Missouri State University and social work at the University of Kansas. Temporarily setting aside her artistic talents, she pursued a career as a masters-prepared therapist while starting a family. In November of 2019 and after a 13 year hiatus, Kaila reengaged with art with a newfound purpose. Her initial intent was self-expression and personal fulfillment, but she soon became aware that her artwork, although personal to her, could be meaningful to others. Everyone laughs. Everyone struggles. Everyone fights. Everyone grieves. Still, there is always hope in the midst of suffering. Kaila's vision is that her artwork brings encouragement to those who encounter it, reminding each person of the power of grace and kindness toward self and others.

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Email: KailaAndersonArt@gmail.com
Instagram: kailaandersonart
At time of submission, Instagram account is not active, but there are plans in the future so check back again!

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