Karlee Lillywhite


Karlee Lillywhite, the artist behind Hiraeth Illustrations, is a pen and watercolor artist who is passionate about stories and creating images that are inspired by literature, history and theology. The influence of her appreciation for medieval art is evident in the gold leaf that she often incorporates into her paintings. She also finds the medieval concept of illuminated texts to be inspirational and her art seeks to introduce the senses of her viewers to the abstract ideas with which their minds may already be familiar. She chose the Welsh word “hiraeth” (pronounced HEER-eyeth) for her illustration practice because it refers to a deep longing of the soul for a past that it has not yet experienced. Karlee is inspired to make art that both satisfies and awakens the spiritual homesickness of hiraeth that resides in each one of us.

Best Contact Method

Instagram: @hiraeth_illustrations
Facebook: @HiraethIllustrations

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Hiraeth Illustrations

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