Katrice Walker


With gospel-influenced harmonies, bluegrass breakdowns, sweet acoustic melodies, and contemporary classic anthems, Anomalous Day is a vibrant, intentionally multi-ethnic musical collective. The inspiration came from Rev. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. who once said that, “the most segregated hour of Christian America is eleven o’clock on Sunday morning.” AD is asking and answering the question - what if it wasn’t?

Anomalous Day is a band of musicians and friends who are on a mission to create worship environments for people of all races, ages and cultures to experience the freedom, healing, and intimacy of Christ through worship. Diversity, but not just for diversity’s sake. They are called to the kingdom and want the kingdom to be reflected in all that they do.

Since some of the band’s core values are community and friendship, folks that get invited to be a part of this musical collective must ‘fit like family’ into this tightly-knit group before anyone grabs an instrument or a microphone. Anomalous Day believes that no matter what color you are or what background you’ve come from, if people can find a way to love and trust each other as family first, they can accomplish anything. After all, every Sunday should be an “Anomalous Day”.

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For booking information and more, please check out our website: You can also follow us on instagram @anomalosuday and Facebook.

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Anomalous Day

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Katrice Walker


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