Lebohang Nkoana


Lebohang Nkoana An artist who is not limited to anything concerning art. I work with a variety of medium, chiefly fine art, visual and digital. Born in the Eastrand of Johannesburg (Tembisa). I studied Art and Design at Tshwane North College in Pretoria. I currently live and work as a full time Fine Artist in Gauteng. "As an Artist i believe in design, design that makes me happy". Drawn to human figures in the raw, formally my work explores the balance between reality vs. abstract, and the conception of Contemporary Art strategies. Through my artistic work i use different medium, most of it revolves around Painting, Drawing and Digital. I consider myself as a multi-medium artist because i think certain thoughts and concepts need certain mode of representation. So using only one dimension by limiting a concept to one medium would simply feel wrong to me. I also like to think of the variety of medium and materials as a metaphor for the issues of cultural hybridity that my work addresses. I see it as my duty as an artist to understand and reflect on-going, struggles in our society and ask abstract materialized questions.

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