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Leslie Iwai is an installation artist and sculptor whose studies in mathematics, chemistry, and architecture (MArch Virginia Tech) inform her passion to bring unusual connections found in her research and artistic process to the surface for others’ ruminations and inspiration. As the first recipient of the Bemis Community Arts Fellowship (2005) and, most recently, as the first Artist-in-Residence for Intervarsity’s Urbana 2018 and a 2021 finalist for the Forward Art Prize, Leslie has had many awards, solo exhibits, and residencies. Her work is in numerous private and public collections, including Duncan Aviation and the Omaha Public Art Commission. Leslie has taught in both academic and community settings in Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois and New Mexico. She has been a contributing writer and artist for Image Journal, SEEN (CIVA) and The Well (InterVarsity). She enjoys living in and exploring Wisconsin with her husband where she creates art and collaborates and connects with her community. When not in her studio, Leslie can often be found hunting for treasures at thrift stores or walking on trails near her home in Middleton, Wisconsin.

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