Leigh Kershner


Atlanta, Georgia is my home and where my husband and I are raising our four children. For years I have studied art and enjoyed creating it when I had the opportunity. In 2019, I started painting every day in my basement studio. Painting has become a passion, which brings me much joy and peace in the stillness of the morning. Working sometimes with oil and cold wax and other times with acrylic, I always use many types of mark making tools. Scraping and marking are a large part of my process and why I prefer to work on wood panels. As I layer the paint, I transition between playing, reflecting and refining the image. Each painting has a soul and sometimes it is easily found while other times it is not. Many of my pieces have scripture references with them. My faith in God and belief that He loves each one of us and is present in our daily lives influences my work and the images I create.

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Leigh Kershner Fine Art

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