Mann Chow


Mann Chow, born in Hong Kong, graduated in LWL Technical Institute, major in product design. He is the founder of the Immanuel Enterprise Ltd. since 1991, the main business of the company is to produce and export the church supplies and Christian gifts item. The main customers are the few famous USA Christian product importers, such as the B&H, Christian bands, Dicksons, SFI, Catholic Supply Inc. and Swanson etc. His wife, Anissa is a beautiful and capable lady who can manage well the company and family so Mann Chow can involve many Art activities. He is a painter and sculptor, he likes oil painting and produce sculptures and installation through many material, such as metal, wood, and stone. He is the founder and chairman of the Christian Gifts Designers Association from 2005-2015, he led 12 Christian gift companies in Hong Kong to gather those members to promote the Christian gifts culture and boost their business through a lot of gifts fair and exhibition in Hong Kong and Taiwan. He is the founder and curator of the Hong Kong Art Gear since 2016, he curated the Christian art exhibition twice in Hong Kong and once in Macau in 2018 to 2020, say “ The Splendor of Beauty in His Name “. . He curated the Christian art exhibition in Asia, namely the Bless Asia – Biennale Art Exhibition of Visual Art, in 2017 in Hong Kong, 2019 in Singapore and 2021 in Kala Lumper. Mann writes monthly article in HK Christian magazine to tell people to care the Christian art and to encourage the Christian artists work hard in their creativity works. Mann is an active follower of Jesus, he had been a deacon in the baptism church for 5 years. All of his art pieces carry only one goal, it is to preach God’s love and work on earth.

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