Margaret Solomon-Bird


Margaret Solomon-Bird


I studied art at Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University), Glassell School of Art, affiliated with the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, and the University of Houston - Clear Lake where my focus was on ceramic sculpture. In addition to ceramics, I enjoy soft pastels, oil, acrylic, and watercolor for 2d surfaces. I feel that all media has certain characteristics allowing for various modes and depth of expression.
I celebrate the sense of wonder and stories behind the details of my work and feel we are all unique expressions of the love and creativity God has designed within us. To listen and respond to the Voice of God inside is being true to the power, wisdom, and beauty of that design. To put down the first statement in faith is to open up the river of God’s smile.
All complete honor, glory, power, praise, and thanksgiving belong to God the Father, God the Son - our Savior Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit dwelling within us! Thanks be to our Father in Heaven who established the New Covenant through the Blood of His Son Jesus Christ, and to the Holy Spirit through Whom we receive all gifts, and to Christ Jesus where we offer and lay these gifts at His Feet.


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