Megan Hillis


Megan Hillis


Megan Hillis was born and raised in Fort Nelson, BC where she started to experiment with art at an early age. She was raised in a Christian home and decided to surrender her life to Jesus Christ. Growing up in a small town with not many Christian friends, Megan spent a lot of her time practicing different drawing and painting techniques. Her art style is still being developed, and like most artists, will continue to grow.
Megan, through her years of creative practice her work has been influenced by her multicultural upbringing, as well as by her family, friends, and her art teachers. Her eighth grade art teacher greatly inspired her through the projects assigned and by her teacher’s artistic challenges. Megan delights in learning new techniques and experiments with the skills and ideas she has learned.
With the growing number of talented artists with a variety of different techniques, styles, and perspectives, Megan believes that each artist has a different message to portray. Being an artist at this day and age is difficult, with all artists competing to sell, promote, and enter into exhibitions; competition is stiff. Acknowledging that has and will challenge Megan and encourage her to continually put the best she has into her work.
Megan has graduated the Fine Arts certificate program at the college of New Caledonia in Price George, BC in 2016.

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