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Having lived in London, Paris, Tanzania, and India, Mónica Esgueva is a Visionary artist now based in Madrid, Spain. She started exhibiting her paintings when she was very young, and her artwork has been shown in exhibitions in the United States, Holland, Great Britain, France, Costa Rica, Italy and Spain. A number of institutions own her artwork too, such as: Monaco Museum of Modern Art, LatinAmerican Art Museum (Florida, USA), Hewlett-Packard Foundation France, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Zarzuela del Monte (Segovia, Spain), and Museo Casa Orduña (Alicante, Spain). Throughout her life, Mónica has always been fascinated by mysticism and the inner realms. Naturally, she was drawn to Eastern spirituality, studying the mind and consciousness with Tibetan lamas in Nepal and India. She also deeply connects with the works of Christian mystics such as Saint John of the Cross. Her work draws influence from across cultures, space and time, depicting the essence of existence with a polished and fluid style — devoid of unnecessary details. Through her paintings, she wants the viewer to feel the beauty that surrounds us, aiming at portraying a vision of expanded awareness and the underlying sacredness of all that is. Her art is mostly derived from visions she has while in a meditative state of mind. Her purpose is to transcend the physical world, inspiring the viewer to reach a higher ground and perceive the light that is within us all. As William Blake wrote, “If the doors of perception were cleansed then everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite”. As a multifaceted artist, she has devoted her life to teach and share ways out of suffering and into the inner peace and joy that are our true nature. She has done it writing and publishing 8 books, as well as through paintings full of vibrant colors and symbolic meaning.

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Mónica Esgueva

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