Michelle Washington


Born and raised in sunny Pasadena California, Michelle has been making art since she can remember. A true Renaissance woman, Michelle specializes in a number of fields though her passion has always been in the arts. The former Tournament of Roses Princess has received awards and recognition from brands from Converse to Marc Jacobs. Her work has graced the pages of magazines like Teen Vogue, and been lauded by Insidious 2 and Furious 7 director and producer James Wan.

With skill in a variety of mediums, Michelle uses her abilities to create work that truly inspires. Her work depicts the beauty in which Michelle views the world. She often utilizes bold bright colors and solid backgrounds, which give her pieces a contemporary feel. As her skills continue to grow and her work continues to evolve, she hopes that her work resonates within the heart of each viewer.

Best Contact Method

My personal IG is @michelleaokaye and my art IG is @michellekayeart. You can also learn more on my website My email is

Business Name/Organization

Michelle Kaye Art

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Finalists, Honorable Mention

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