Nathlyn Matthew


Nathlyn Matthew


Born and raised in Dominica, and has been drawing since the age of 12. She is also a self-taught artist who is very passionate about drawing and painting. This passion all started with an innocent young child trying to imitate her older sister. It grew and grew over the years with just one thought in mind, “I want to be better than her”. Nathlyn has always been intrigued with drawing and painting. She feels a surge of excitement when taking something real and displaying it on paper and it STILL looks real. She almost gets paralyzed with awe when something in mind comes together on canvas. Throughout her life she wanted to give up on drawing and painting because it is not very profitable in her country. But for some reason art would always find itself back to her. So, what she discovered about her failed attempts at quitting, is that drawing and painting lives and breathes in her. She won third place in the 2019 Earth Day poster competition held by the Barbados US embassy.

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