Nhatrang Phan


Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, the artist is self taught and works mainly with acrylic paint. As a young child she loved spending her time drawing or coloring. In High school she was accepted to the Ryman scholarship art program. Soon after entering college Art was pushed to the side and forgotten. After many years break from art the artist ended up moving to New York City and attended The Art Students League of New York for several months. A forgotten part of her was awoken as she began draw and paint. She eventually moved back to California and continued creating work by herself. She paints from intuition that is inspired by her physical surroundings, the music she listens to, and the emotions that are evoked. The paintings are spontaneous, subconscious, and spiritual. The artist tries not to control the outcome, leaving the result authentic to where she is at. During her journey she was saved and came to know Christ. Naturally, her artwork became her testimony. Her artwork before Christ was filled with lust, cigarettes, and darkness. After she got saved her paintings became more peaceful, filled with light and the Holy Spirit. It has been an interesting journey that has been documented through her artwork. She hopes that her artwork can inspire believers and possibly spark interest in non believers.

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