Nimeka Drakes


Nimeka Drakes


The desire to become or achieve that which we believe is crucial to our self preservation and discovery can sometimes motivate us far more than anything else can.
My love for the Visual Arts and children has been the catalyst responsible for my career choice. For the last 12 years, I've served as a Visual Art and Educator.
During this time, I've displayed work in several galleries. I've had the opportunity to work alongside world renown artists, Gordon Vivian de La Mothe O.B.E, Jason deCaires Taylor and Wyland.
My work has been showcased at several establishments including, the Maurice Bishop International Airport under the Ministry of Tourism, the Grenada National Museum, art shows organized by the Grenada Arts Council and also at the Underwater Sculpture Park, Molinere, St. George, Grenada.
My preferred media includes acrylic, oil, watercolour and occasionally, digital media.
The dominant theme of my artworks has stemmed from my love and reverence for the ALMIGHTY as I always seek to introduce HIM to a ravaged world through my art.

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