Noreen Myers


Noreen Myers


I'm Bo Myers from western Pennsylvania I live on a horse farm with my husband Charlie. I'm a self taught emerging artist that has felt Spiritually called to produce spiritual art. I'm a devoted Christian and have been seriously studying the Bible for 3 years now and recently had the opportunity to put it into pictures with a course I'm taking. Its aligning your self with God's vision for your life and your art.
Matt Tommy course has been very enlightening. I'm retired in my 70s and have been on the pilgrim's journey for some time. We enjoy our church community and sorely miss our weekly services and studies. This quarantine has changed my routine a lot but has renewed my love of doing art.
I have been doing digital art with my photos and drawings since I got my first computer in 2000. So for 20 years. My drawing and painting i have done since I was very young water color , oils, acrylic , scrimshaw sculptures jewelry , knitting , I was a weaver and strung looms for national workshops In the late 90s and dyed wool I have taken classes over the years but mostly on my own . Sold stuff when I needed to, gave alot away to people who have liked a piece some commission work. Never really depended on it for my main income . Illustrated a youth book that hopefully will come out this year . I feel art has been a reflection of my life journey and at this stage my love of the Father. the son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is a big part of that journey.

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