ernest agoba


My yearnings for capturing human struggles and passion with paint began over 45 yrs ago. I paint to evoke critical thoughts on humanity and leadership in a world redolent with natural and man-made crises. I have christened my art, “The Emergency Room Art” because I believe that hope and leadership centered works of art are so exigent in our present time that a work of art that does not strive after these, today, could be deemed a waste of time. My artworks are mainly in oil. They carry fluid, recurring patterns that are considered abstracted derivatives of reality. Oftentimes, these patterns are seen to morph onto more recognizably realistic forms. Though, sometimes, I am not able to always achieve this, I shun overt abstractions and pure realism while embracing elements from both genres to enhance comprehension. I work mainly in oil colors because it is ductile, slow drying, and has the widest range of hues possible.  I presently mentor students in fine arts, drama, and photography in the University of Jos, and in designated workshops in West Africa.

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