Oksana Semenchenko


Oksana Semenchenko is an artist and poet residing in Fort Myers, FL. Born in 1973 in Russia, into a Russian-Ukrainian family; she began showing interest in art as a child growing up in the countryside around her mother who had undiscovered talents in writing poetry and sketching faces. Starting a collection of various postcards at around the age of 8, Oksana discovered the likes of Da Vinci's "Madonna Litta" printed on one of them, sparking her interest in paintings; to this day remaining her favorite piece of art. Only later on in life did she find the time to explore her own creativity and talent and applying them to a blank canvas. After moving to the United States with her family, later Oksana started re-discovering herself artistically in 2006 by drawing on ceramic and glass with acrylic paint while sketching in her free time. There soon after, brushing her first painting titled "Crimea". Being inspired since the beginning, she has signed dozens of paintings under her professional name, Sana Kiy.

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