Olga Beketova


«The happiest thing is when I see that a viewer perceives and shares the emotions that I hoped to have expressed in a painting». Grown up on the coast of the Pacific Ocean far away from the big cities, on the Kamchatka peninsula, all my childhood I was surrounded and inspired by the pristine beauty of nature. Its colors and charm I’m bringing to all my paintings now. I am a self-taught artist. My first profession was an interpreter. And I have 10 years of management experience. All my knowledge and skills help me now in making artists career. I love languages and now I am learning a new language – a language of Arts. I believe that Arts is a universal language. It can unite millions of people into one big family. It reflects our feelings and emotions, goes through all boundaries, breaks stereotypes, has no limits, brings new meanings, fires our hearts and lightens the space around us. And I am happy to “talk” to you with the help of the universal Arts languages through my paintings. Thank you for your interest in my artworks. Greetings from Samara, Russia.

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Instagram page: @olgabeketova.smr Or Email:

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