Patrick Meikle


Christian Animator & Illustrator, Patrick Meikle, is currently employed at ListenMi Ltd. an animation and design studio located in Kingston, Jamaica. In addition to his work at the studio, Patrick also serves by providing passion-driven content through his personal business, HeartoonCartoon. With his jovial and effervescent personality, Patrick seeks to ensure that all his creative endeavours proclaim Jesus Christ and give glory to God.

Jade Carberry is a Christian environmental scientist and hobbyist artist inclined to watercolour painting. A lover of reggae music and nature’s complex beauty. She is often enamoured by the rich glories found in God's creation. Soft-spoken and tenderhearted, Jade strives to ensure that her efforts, creative or otherwise, serve her neighbours and are done to the glory of God.

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Heartoon Cartoon

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3rd Place, Finalists

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