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Paxton is a surreal Salvadoran artist who believes in working on captivating and well-founded art with the aim of raising awareness on the subject of mental health. Each work seeks to interpret different disorders and aspects that come with them and become a tool for those who go through these but do not know how to express themselves, to be a graphic map for those who have never experienced it and provoke a sense of empathy and understanding to the spectator. The artist does not seek to filter, but to expose the raw and the beautiful of being different, let those who experience it realize that they are not alone, that God is not mistaken and that by accepting ourselves we can come to love ourselves completely. Paxton is creative, responsive, and not afraid to take risks, as a result, this surrealist artist is a creator, a curator, and whatever else it takes to spread the message of self love and self worth.

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Paxton Company

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