Peter McCarthy


Born in Sydney, Australia Peter grew up in with a love for art nature and African cultures. After high school he studied Applied Arts majoring in textiles and later retrained as primary school teacher. After teaching for a couple of years in Western Sydney he turned again towards more study - this time in theology. Along with his wife and later their children he has served as a missionary in West Africa since 2010. The year 2018 marked a great turning point in his professional life, including a serious, concerted return to art practice. Before returning again to a new part of West Africa, his return to art making was celebrated with his solo exhibition "Liminal View" April 2019. Peter combines the versatility of textiles to evoke a deeply sensory human experience, intended, not only, to connect people with the power of abstraction but to reach larger, contemporary audiences. By combining spirituality and creative innovation, he creates moving and surprising pieces, interwoven by intricately intimate themes. The creation of art is a labour of meditation, prayer and self-discovery and by approaching his work in this fashion, Peter not only invites you into his inner world, he asks that you take a piece of it with you.

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