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Randall Fulchan


Randall Gerard Fulchan
The Artist Bio:
Artist Randall Gerard Fulchan was born Trinidadian in the year 1988. I always felt a connection and oneness with the Visual Arts. My eyes and mind is always amazed by the diverse richness of this tropical landscape and the bold vibrant tones which contrast and play in harmony. As a child I would sit and draw for hours, an early indication of my career path. During my secondary school Art training I received a Certificate of Excellence for Outstanding Performance in the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society's 2003 Poster Competition. After completing the C.X.C examination successfully I achieved my Culinary Management Associates Degree from The Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality Institute, First Degree Black Belt with The International Taekwon-Do Federation, Certificate in Photography, Certificate in The Art and Science of Coaching from the University of the West Indies and Certificate of Visual Arts from the University of the West Indies. Today I am an Art educator in the Visual Arts at the Secondary School level while passionately exhibiting Art works.

Being a member of the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago I have been exhibiting Art consistently from the year of 2013 to date.
In 2014 I received the title of first runner up for Best New Emerging Artist from the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago.
2015 I took part in the Tobago House of Assembly Shaw Park Complex Inaugural Visual Arts Exhibition where I exhibited one of my cultural pieces entitled Slavers.
I took part in my first major group Art Exhibition, Synergie de Trois in the year 2016 which I showed over 30 works of Art.
I also have been taking part in local Art Markets where I was Awarded the Carlisle Chang award (December 2016).
Exhibited at the Connexions group exhibition 2017.
Exhibited at 101 Art Gallery, Holder Studios 2018 group exhibition and had a sold out Exhibition.
Exhibited at The Southbound exhibition at the GD Gallery 2018.
Exhibited at the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago “Art Fuh So” exhibition 2019.
Exhibited at the Hilton Trinidad in Collaboration with Horizons Art Gallery Beyond Exhibition 2019.
Exhibited at the Carifesta Exhibition at the National Academy for the Performing Arts Trinidad.

My Art works are collected both locally and internationally, Jamaica, Barbados, Columbia, Texas, Italy and England in private collections.

To me Art is about personal or observational experiences. As an Artist I strive to connect with my viewers. I aim to move them emotionally; Conceptual/ Abstract / Impressionistic Art forms is my language of choice for doing this. Looking at society I try to look past the struggles of life by highlighting the Beauty that resides in us all. We are all loved by a greater power. Searching our heart through the hurt we come to find a deeper sense of purpose, an awakening so to speak.
My Work reflects our lush and vibrant beautiful landscape of Trinidad and Tobago. I love creating scenes about longing to find our "Place" in this world and this is symbolized by the Tiny Houses, searching for Home, sometimes hidden within the painting. Many walk the Path but never find self even though guided by doves. Flowers of our integral fragility are reminders that we should let them bloom and not long for the Glorious Light to kiss our petals but bask in wonderful Rays. I hope that the viewers can feel a sense of comfort and joy. My aim is to introduce Love and peace by the great and natural beauty of nature into our space which can be cold at times and aid us to find Our Home in the Light which in turn would help to unite us all.

I love working with Oil Paints, Acrylic paint, water colors and gouache paints, as well as inks, I also do wood carvings and enjoy writing Poetry. To me I have found the path that I am meant to walk, the path of an Artist. God guides us to self-actualization but to achieve this we need to pay attention to the various signs that are given from Him. I am focusing on building a solid foundation and constantly refining my skills and techniques so that I can Evolve into an Iconic Artist of Trinidad and Tobago.

Best Contact Method

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/r.fulchan
Email address: fulchantkd@hotmail.com
Email address: fulchanrandall@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/randall_gerard_fulchan/?hl=en

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