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Renee Joseph-Fortune who hails from the beautiful islands of Trinidad and Tobago, daughter of Bertrand Joseph and Debrah-Cooper Joseph began her musical journey at age 3; performing before an audience of thousands. Even at such a tender age, Renee possessed and demonstrated an astonishing level of boldness; a boldness which is even more present in her now and is a key component in the formula which results in Renee' being such the amazing and sensational artiste we see and hear today. This 34 year old Singer/Songwriter continued on her musical journey which lead her to participation in the Trinidad and Tobago 'Full Gospel Music festival', and popular local singing competition-' Digicel Rising Stars'. Renee' also functioned for years as a Wedding singer and once worked with local artistes such as the phenomenal Nisa and groundbreaking recording and performing artiste, Russell Leonce. Those experiences coupled with the mentoring in her earlier years by vocal coach and producer, Mr. Cleon Richardson and the musical influences of Helen Baylor, Yolanda Adams, Kim Burrell and Chrisette Michele, proved to be extremely valuable and effective in Renee's development as a vocalist. Though Renee may be labelled by many as a Gospel Jazz and soca artiste, (this being her predominant style), she definitely showcases her versatility in performing a wide variety of musical genres which includes Afro, Reggae and other international genres. This versatility has been captured on her debut album called 'Shades of Praise.’ Renee also gives much credit to her husband, Emile Fortune; a musician and the founder of 4Tune Productions, as he helped her to push the envelope, break away from the mediocrity and give form and substance to her individuality and sound. Renee's music is all about expressing adoration to God, through which others are encouraged to seek a closer, personal relationship with Him, and experience the blessings and joy in this life which so many only ever dream or think about. Her mission is to touch lives and help others to connect with God. A mission and passion which is fueled by her life's experiences. Which such boldness and style which lends to the assurance that beauty is not only in the eyes of the beholder, but also in the ear of the listener, Renee' is poised for greatness. Anointed, appointed and blessed by God, Renee hopes to be a voice of hope, comfort and encouragement to this generation and is committed to the mission of positively influencing the lives of all those who would experience the music and ministry of Renee.

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To contact me: Facebook: renee joseph-fortune Instagram: reneejosephfortune_official

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Renee Joseph-Fortune




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