Reuben Horn


Reuben Horn was born in the small town of Dannevirke, New Zealand. He was born to a New Zealand-European father and a mother who immigrated from South East Asia. As a child, Reuben was fascinated with the realm of the unknown—both within our plain of existence and beyond. This fascination has remained throughout his life and has greatly influenced his motifs. Reuben has a Diploma of Visual Arts from the Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT), and in 2012 graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Visual Arts. He currently resides in Auckland and is a fulltime-freelance illustrator who uses both traditional and digital mediums. His concentrated bodies of work are in black, white and greyscale. He has always been intrigued with how light and shadow interact with organic forms and textures, and the various moods he can create without the aid of color. The intrigue surrounding all things grotesque and strange continues to inspire his evolving style. Reuben is currently working on a graphic novel with his wife.

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