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richard booker


Richard Booker was born in California in 1954, and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee where his artistic talent flourished at a very early age. He first recognized his talent in high school while scribbling in art class. As a child, drawing was an escape from childhood pressures.
Early childhood memories influence his creative works. These
memories allow his artistic vision to follow naturally. Richard moved to metro Atlanta in 1997 with his family he now lives in Gilbert, AZ . He has exhibited his work at various venues including Mason Murer Fine Art Gallery Atlanta, GA, Sun Dust Gallery Mesa,
AZ , Apex Museum, Atlanta, GA, Vision and Sound Gallery Surprise, AZ, and Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach California. He is inspired by Monet’s style. Richard’s first love of painting is doing portraits. He enjoys painting people because their likeness portrays a story. A good example of this is the painting he completed for Jonathan Butler Grammy Award- Nominated Jazz Artist.
Richard develops interpretive themes that convey ideas and information by creating fine art that communicates mood, insight, viewpoint, and visual impressions. His unique talent demonstrates his ability to translate features of subject material into expressions of fine art.

In addition to his artistic talent, he frames most of his pieces.


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