Rickie Du Burke


Born in Brooklyn NY, Rickie DuBurke never having any formal training acquired his knowledge and skills through countless hours of self study.
He has participated in 30 group exhibitions throughout the United States. In 2005 Rickie Du Burke was awarded signature membership to the International Society of Acrylic Painters. His art has graced the covers of greeting cards for the Heritage Collection, Artful Greetings and Carole Joy Creations; advertisements for Prato Men's Fine Wear outlet and illustrations for Cricket the magazine for Children. He has been commissioned to create postage stamps for the governments of Guyana and Nevis. His works can be found in the private collections of former Mexican ambassador Edouardo Noriega, Mexico City and American novelist, dramatist and poet Reynolds Price, North Carolina. At the Hamilton Landmark Gallery in NYC a private exhibit of his work was held exclusively for the ambassadors of Sweden Birijit and Kjell Anneling. Texas based architect R Michael Lee commissioned a painting for his home office. In 2013 his work was included in an exhibition in the Art Institute of Chicago honoring Nelson Mandela. From 2014-2018 Du Burke was commissioned by a former NYC hedge fund manager to create a cycle of paintings which were then exhibited in venues such as Harvard University in Cambridge Mass., HG Contemporary, The Hole Shop, and Studio Vendome in NYC. In 2020 his painting "Shadow of Venice" entered the permanent collection of the Copelouzos Family Art Museum in Athens, Greece.

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The best way to contact me would be through email. Or on instsagram

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