Samantha Sloat


Samantha Sloat


My name is Samantha Sloat and I am a Canadian woman with a lifelong passion for music and singing. I currently work as an elementary school teacher, primarily teaching arts subjects and also teaching private music lessons outside of school. I am an experienced singer and performer with classical training, but before learning of this contest in recent months, I had absolutely no experience with making my own music. This marks my very first project as an aspiring artist!

My first memorable singing experience was in joining the youth choir at my church, where I later obtained my first part-time job as a cantor for weekend masses and where I am now in my fifteenth year of service. I try to keep myself musically involved in my community through additional hobbies that include vocal directing musical theatre productions and playing trumpet in our local voluntary military band.

Taking part in music has brought infinite amounts of joy and excitement to my life for as long as I can remember. The most important thing that I hope to accomplish in my life as it pertains to music, is to continue walking down this path of joy that stems from great musical experiences. This particular project has been a remarkable challenge and a milestone that has pushed me to grow and that has inspired me to start creating my own music on a more regular basis.

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