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Sanah Brown


If you ask Sanah, she will attest to the fact that she has always been an artist, but that aspect of her wasn't cultivated until later on in life. Color, patterns or fabric designs would take her into unchartered territories and often times, they became the foundation and backdrop to a portrait idea, a process she still carries with her to this day. Her paintings are a combination of mixed media involving acrylic paint, collage elements, photography and hyperrealism. When people reflect on her work, she wants them to enjoy the aesthetic aspect as well as the written component without having to wonder what the artist was thinking.
Currently, Sanah runs her own business with her husband Reginal called “Salvation Thru Art”. You can see there murals throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area on walls in corporate buildings, restaurants, community centers, homes and libraries. A majority of there murals are of people within the community. Sanah’s main source of inspiration and motivation within her work are her own personal life experiences and everyday people she encounters. She believes these everyday people are already famous and have just as much value as our current celebrities, whom many people look up to.
She believes our society has become so desensitized to the fact there are people all around us hurting and the world is looking for an answer. The world, these people need to be infused with Love, once again. Sanah feels no matter how old or young you are, everyone has something to contribute to society. For her, it’s giving back through motivation, inspiration and love for people which she has embraced and presented through her artwork. She is drawn to tell the story of people’s personal struggles, successes, overcoming those issues and rising above the social issues they may face on a daily basis. She is inspired to do this because of the need to help others discover their identity and strengths. She is inspired to help others realize and understand the importance of who they are and to know they have been created with a purpose, a purpose which are needed and therefore adds value to this life and this world.
She is most impacted by young people because they have, at times, been overlooked by society and have fallen victim to the unrealistic expectations fueled by social media, parents, teachers and peers regarding their bodies, self-image, identity and purpose. Sanah’s goal is to help them extinguish these lies and misconceptions and ignite a sense of self-worth and purpose, no one can ever take away from them. She wants them to see clearly how beautiful and worthy they truly are. Sanah has been able to make a huge impact in many communities by providing summer camps and mentorship programs to the youth which include programs that vary from entrepreneurship, rediscovering nature, love of community, vision, self-determination, facing social issues, self-development, creativity, bridging generational gaps, therapy, and cultural awareness, just to name a few things. She was able to accomplish this by simply handing these children and adults, a palette of paint paint and a paint brush. These programs have helped and touched the lives of hundreds of kids and families.
Sanah is passionate and driven about Art and feels it is often a career overlooked and seen as not important or as lucrative but she feels like the world cannot live without art. All people need and partake in art on a regular basis, thru television, music, movies, and all facets of entertainment. These are all forms of art. Sanah decided to further her education in art to better equip and educated herself to be able to navigate through and around whatever is thrown her way; art can be quite challenging at times. But more importantly, it has allowed her to transcend and challenge the limits of her own creativity. She is currently attending University of North Texas pursuing her Bachelors in Studio Art and Sculpture. She hopes to go right into her Masters of Fine Art once she graduates in Art Therapy. Sanah understands her experiences in life and education (past, present and future) will give her the tools she needs to help others push past their limits; challenging and inspiring them to the greatness they already have within. Sanah’s future goals include publishing books centered on how to find one’s God given purpose, traveling to schools to do motivational speaking about how Art can impact change in people lives and developing her own Art series is focused on youth empowerment.

Reginal Bowers

I Am…a product of an abusive father, being molested by an older childhood family friend, an absent father to two children and many failed relationships. I have gotten back up from many failures and understand it is only by the Grace of God I stand before you today.

I spent 24 years in the military and once I retired started my second career in social work. I have always wanted to work with young people and I have always wanted to be a Father. I have longed to inspire others, our young men and women, to fulfill their dreams and to help them rise to their fullest potential. I believe art is the vessel that gives our young men and women an outlet to express themselves and to tap into a part of themselves that has often times been suppressed. Art has always been the outlet which has allowed me to find peace, art has always been a way for me to find healing.

The art we create is designed to speak to the soul and the spirit of those who observe it. For so long, as a people, we have been told this lie of who we truly are. Art brings forth our true nature, we were created to create and when this natural trait is pushed to the side it extinguishes the fire deep inside of us. We are here to reignite the fire and natural passion of our true being. I want to be the fire starter, the match to ignite the flames in our youth, who will usher in true change, justice and righteousness.

Everything we do is for the Glory of God...nothing else.

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