Sanjae Innis


My name is sanjae Innis, I am a 19 year old screenwriter, poet and actress who was was born and raised in Jamaica. Writing is a form of rehab for me, and being young unemployed and unable to fund myself through college, I was excited when I saw the advertisement, and eager to write, however for someone who loves to write it was ironic that this was a challenging for me, I to a certain extent had forsaken my first home; God and the church and I didn’t feel connected enough to write about God. But upon reading the related verses I began to pray and sing and give God the praise I have been holding back, and already, I’m positive and optimistic about my future and what he has in store for me, simply because I stand with the armor of God, he shall make me happy and fulfilled. I have been writing since I was nine, when it first happened, and now I have found love, peace and a sense of fulfillment in my poems and in my God .

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