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Sanjay Dixon


i consider myself as a messenger sent by the king on a mission to inite his people.Sanjay Dixon also known as Sando, is a Jamaican Singer, Deejay, Songwriter, and Musician. Sanjay was born on May 17, 1988. In Kingston, the home of reggae. At a tender age, his family relocated to Trench Town, Saint Ann. As a child, Dixon's world was filled with musical influence. Dixon recalled listening to his Grandfather play the harmonica. Dixon's sound is as soulful as a choir but unlike many musicians, he didn't get his musical start in the Church. He was accepted and attended G.C Foster College of Physical Education and Sport. Here Sanjay's present shone light on his future, thanks to a dare from his Dorm leader, Father Kully. Dixon did the unthinkable and belted out Little Hero's single, ‘No More War,’ during lights out. This Freshman’s defiance was the buzz all over campus and his friend Ricardo ‘Ricky Frass’ Fowler, knew he could assist Dixon with his talent. Fowler instructed Dixon on the difference between bars of four and eight, and how to implement high and low notes in his music. Dixon took his music a step further, while pre-occupied with course work, and began writing songs. Dixon graduated from College and taught at his alma mater, Brown's Town High School. He saw potential in his students and this reminded him of his own potential. Dixon set out on his own path. He went hard to make a dream into reality. He tuned out the distraction and turned up the treble with his recording, ‘Don't Mek Dem Tell Yuh Seh You Can't Mek It,’ at Upliftment Studios in Saint Ann. Eventually, Dixon set his trail ablaze by doing what he loved and found himself on the Karaoke circuit in hotels. He was the champion everyone wished to challenge. His talent caught the attention of Karuso, a local singer, who told Dixon, about Sanstormz Recording Studio in Runaway Bay, Cross Roads. The Producer Sandyu ‘ Sanstormz’ Williamson, recorded Sando ‘Sanjay' Dixon. Instantaneously, Dixon’s potential was recognized. He knew he had a master talent which the world would love. Over the years, Producer ‘Sanstormz' and Dixon, have collaborated with artistes and developed a friendship that has allowed growth and promising future ventures and Development

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