Sarah Gingold


Sarah Gingold


I am a Christian artist inspired by Genesis 1:1 -- "In the beginning God created heavens and the earth." In the very first line of the whole book, we learn that God is the ultimate creator; when we humans create we are doing so in the image of God.

The skill I was given to make art was a gift from God that I try to give back to him as best I can. I am a clothing artist and a lettering artist. I previously ran a sewing studio to teach others how to make clothing art -- the type that looks best in person, when you are wearing it. I believe that wearing clothes that glorify God is a way to show off the beauty of God's creation. A picture does not do justice to clothing art, nor does displaying it on a mannequin or a hanger, because the art is in the wearing of the object and how it relates to the person wearing it, which makes it come alive.

I also do abstract art and lettering, and I love drawing scriptures as a way to contemplate their meaning in new ways.

My mom took the pictures. She inspires me to find God in nature.

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My email address is They can see other examples of my work at or buy tshirts I have designed at

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By Hand with Heart

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