Scott Bartnett


Scott Bartnett


We met in Surf City, NC in 2010 and quickly realized our common interest for creative writing, music, and God. After just a few jam sessions we officially started Turnbridge Band in the church building where we practiced, which sat less than a mile from where the “swing” bridge or turn-bridge allowed people onto Topsail Island. Our vision was to create songs that are made to be a bridge for the gospel to cross into people’s hearts. The name of our band was chosen to symbolize that vision. Connecting with people through music is a driving force of our song writing and live performances. We play all kinds of events. We accept opportunities to perform at high school concerts, city parks, community events, worship services, ministry events, pubs, and restaurants, pretty much anywhere that is open to us sharing our original songs. In addition to our own music, there are many fun classics our band enjoys covering that people love to sing along to. We write a lot of songs through energetic jam sessions. The guitar, bass, and drums get going and often inspire the flow of a lyric and melody structure on the spot. Turnbridge is currently in the final stages of the third studio album. We home recorded this project by transforming our practice barn into a live room and studio. Upon finishing our newest album we aspire to share our recordings across the globe and connect with more concert opportunities.

Jim Farmer plays the bass guitar and sings backing vocals for Turnbridge Band.

Summy Rucker plays drums and coordinates bookings for Turnbridge Band.

Scotti "Stringz" Bartnett sings lead vocals and plays the guitar for Turnbridge Band.

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Turnbridge Band

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