Scott Fisher


Scott Fisher


The work I present may illustrate many directions, however it remains consistent to Christian moral standards. I use digital enhancement, photography, painting, and more to construct and create my art. God is an artist. He creates and manipulates His surroundings making infinite space to marvel; this plan gives me inspiration. Starting in art through photography, I use editing to make my statements resolute. Staying within the two-dimensional plain I expanded my ideas of the world to incorporate the sometimes-philosophic field. The goal is developing work that shines in the darkness, growing my art beyond the surface. My work becomes more than just a design, incorporating mediums and elements of digital illustration and painting techniques. Recently working with videography has added new elements to my work, discovering how a moving image can change perspectives and how audio can be mastered to it. God’s work in me is infinite; it touches many Christian ideas while remaining constant to moral standards. Once I make a decision as an artist, directions start to opening up for designs and art that is more diverse. Fields such as painting, digital illustration are just the start in creating more of a narrative to achieve a deeper understanding into the creative and artistic world. Once I discovered my abilities to work within these fields, I soon discovered better ways to pair them and mix them together. Photography, painting and computer editing made the best statements for my work, and relate to the work God has presented that guide my direction of work.

Scott C Fisher

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