Shardaya Jones


Shardaya Jones is an African American painter born and raised in Rand, West Virginia. She has been a resident of Atlanta, Georgia for several years. As a child, she always had a love for all things artistic. In 2019, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Painting with a minor in Art History from the University of West Georgia, in Carrollton, GA. It was during her undergraduate career that Shardaya found her voice as a creative to embark on her passion for abstract art. It was vital for her to use every tool & teaching to help transform her into a better artist. She is a woman of her faith and that is where the roots of her work emerge. Shardaya creates abstract paintings based on spirituality. She explores how a spiritual experience can be translated through a work of art. She creates these paintings as catalysts to shed light, hope, a sense of transcendence, an exploration of the angelic and to impact lives, “one canvas at a time.” Her medium of choice is both oil & acrylic paint primarily on canvas. Art is seen as a gift for Shardaya because no one can possess the quality within her. For Shardaya, art is a vital element in her life and she intends to embrace the beauty, growth, and challenges that it brings.

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IG: @artisticvision_

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