Simona Zecca


Born in Milan, always passionate about drawing and art since he rchildhood, Simona Zecca is a self-taught artist and has always continued cultivating her passion for art even during her studies and in the period in which she worked in the field of marketing. She love studying new media and various techniques and she has been experimenting with various, from graphite to watercolor, from acrylic and airbrush to oil over the years. In 2015 she decided to leave her office job, following the ever-present call of art to which she began to devote herself full-time from 2016, initially customizing mainly helmets and motorcycle parts with airbrush and at the same time ex pressing herself through her paintings. In 2019 shebegan to exhibitherworks, immediately receiving an excellen tresponse from public and critics and obtaining various awards. She love srealism and prefers female portraits but currently she is exploring a more conceptual portrait style. She has always been particularly focused on the expressiveness of the gaze. She has just completed a series of female portraits of women who show feelings of loneliness, sadness and melancholy in their gestures and expressions,. This series is called "Heartbreak Hotel", like the famous song by Elvis Presley. Each work, a room. Each room, a broken-hearted woman.

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